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If you are facing a drunk driving charge in Maryland, you need an experienced DUI defense lawyer. If you are being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or controlled dangerous substances, you will be facing a charge of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), or both.  They both are serious offenses and conviction of DUI or DWI can subject you to fines, points on your license, and even jail time. The right drunk driving attorney has current knowledge of the ever-changing laws surrounding DUI cases. Mr. Craven is a reliable and experienced DUI attorney based in Frederick County, MD. He will represent you and ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your case. He offers affordable DUI lawyer costs.

DUI Lawyer Near Me

It is important to find a DUI attorney who is based near you because the law and practices controlling DUI prosecutions vary from state to state, county to county and courthouse to courthouse.  An experienced DUI attorney in Maryland, such as Jacob Craven, will have the skills to get you the best results possible for your case in the area where your case is being handled.  This is also why our legal services are available to all residents of towns such as Clarksburg, Middletown, Urbana, Frederick, Hagerstown, and Thurmont in Maryland.

An effective DUI attorney is experienced in all the traffic laws that could affect your DUI case and your license. The traffic laws related to DUI are constantly changing, and many times the legislature is trying to make the consequences of a conviction harsher.  A drunk driving attorney, like Mr. Craven, can help to protect you from these harsh consequences by planning your defense carefully.  Any DUI lawyer should be prepared to defend your case at the MVA and in court.

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DUI Lawyer Cost

Being charged with a DUI is very expensive.  You may have costs for attending alcohol or drug counseling and treatment, an interlock device, or MVA hearing costs.  Added to all of that, many people struggle to afford quality and experienced representation.  Schedule a free initial consultation with DUI attorney, Jacob Craven, so he can discuss your case and situation with you.  He will be able to help you decide on how to handle your court case and deal with the MVA.  After your meeting with Mr. Craven, you will have a clear understanding of what you face, and how a lawyer can help.  Mr. Craven strives to provide zealous and effective representation at an affordable rate.  He usually is able to handle a DUI case on a flat fee basis, meaning that you won’t have to worry about unknown costs.

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DUI Defense Lawyer

In Maryland, the law divides traffic offenses into two categories: payable tickets and must-appear offenses.  Payable tickets are minor offenses which can cost you money and points on your license, but they do not carry jail time.  We call them “payables” because you can simply pay a preset fine if you choose, and you never have to come to court.  While a DUI defense lawyer is often very helpful at defending tickets such as these and reducing fines and points, not everyone chooses to hire a DUI attorney on payable tickets.

We call more serious offenses “must-appear” for the simple reason that once you are charged with these offenses, you must appear before a judge to answer the charges.  These charges include DUIs, DWIs, hit and runs, fleeing and eluding the police, driving suspended or revoked, driving uninsured, and driving without a license.  Depending on your charges and prior record, you could face jail time of up to three years. You could also face fines as high as $3000 on cases like these.  That is why it is essential to hire a reliable DUI attorney to represent you in a must-appear case.

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Drunk Driving Attorney Near Me

Are you facing a drunk driving charge?  Call an experienced DUI attorney to help avoid spending any unnecessary time in jail.

Even more minimal offenses, such as hit and run or driving suspending can cost you several nights in jail.  The prosecutors and the courts treat DUI charges even more seriously.  Your defense should be just as serious.

Jacob Craven is experienced at handling DUI and drunk driving cases, and he does so at an affordable cost. If you have questions about your case or DUI lawyer costs, you can reach out to him at Jake@Craven-Law.com.

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