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A criminal conviction can put your freedom, your family, your job, and your reputation at risk.  Facing these consequences can be frightening and overwhelming, but you don’t have to fight these challenges alone.  You need an experienced criminal law attorney in your corner. Someone who will work to protect your rights and who will take the time to explain the process, any evidence that could be used against you, and any possible consequences you might face from a criminal conviction. Jacob Craven is a criminal justice lawyer with over eleven years of experience handling criminal cases in Maryland courts on a daily basis. He has handled all types of felonies, misdemeanors, serious traffic/DUI, appeals, forfeitures, post convictions, and violations of probation. Jacob Craven is also a skilled drug lawyer with a history of successful possession and trafficking cases.

As a former prosecutor, Jacob knows the evidence prosecutors use. He can also spot weaknesses in the investigations done by police and in the cases brought to trial.  He will guide you through every stage of the process and will fight to defend your rights. Criminal lawyer, Jacob Craven, will work to obtain the best possible result for you. That may involve the dismissal of your case, defending your rights at trial, or negotiating a favorable plea agreement. His knowledge and hands-on experience will guide you to make the best decisions in your unique case. In order to schedule a consultation with Maryland’s most reliable criminal justice lawyer, call (301) 712-7278 or fill out our contact form online.

Criminal Law Attorney

Born and raised in Maryland, criminal law attorney Jacob Craven graduated with honors from the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law.  He entered private practice after gaining over a decade of experience as a prosecutor where he rose through the ranks as an Assistant State Attorney, Senior Assistant State’s Attorney and Gang and Felony Drug Prosecutor.  Each of these roles gave him the tools and insider knowledge to help you defend your case. If you are searching for a specialized drug lawyer, DUI lawyer, or a general criminal lawyer in Maryland, your search can end here.

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Drug Lawyer

Drug offenses are taken very seriously in the state of Maryland and punishment can be severe.  If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, skilled legal representation is critical. You need a criminal law attorney who has knowledge in the inner workings and tactics of the local drug enforcement agencies, wiretap investigations, and search and seizure issues. Due to our unique and extensive experience with drug cases, Craven Law understands how to fight for you.

Craven Law promises to do our best to ensure the fairest and most favorable outcome for you. Are you in need of a proven, reliable drug lawyer? Get in touch with Jacob Craven today in order to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Good Criminal
Lawyers Near Me

When you are facing criminal charges, your first call should be to a good criminal lawyer, but you may not know who to call and where to start. The right criminal law attorney understands the nuances of local laws and has hands-on experience in the practices of local prosecutors and judges.

They are also compassionate and dedicated to working in your best interest. Are you facing a criminal charge in Maryland? Get in touch with attorney Jacob Craven. He has experience and success serving the residents of Frederick County, Washington County, Carroll County, and Montgomery County, Maryland.

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Criminal Justice
Lawyer Near Me

A successful criminal defense lawyer understands the legal system as well as the tactics used by the police force and prosecutors. An intelligent and experienced criminal justice lawyer is your best advocate.

Are you in need of a good criminal defense attorney with significant experience with criminal cases in Maryland? Get in touch with Craven Law and find out how Jacob can use his skills to work for you.

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